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Second Annual Ustream Hackathon: The Results Are In!

On January 9–10, the Hungarian Ustream office in Budapest hosted its Second Annual Internal Hackathon. Colleagues from all departments teamed up to work on their ideas for 24 hours, with the goal of creating something that will either make their lives easier or provide a new feature for Ustream customers. Compressing the whole process of product development into a single day is not an easy job, but there were no shortage of creativity!
Watch our short video of key moments from the Hackathon:

This year eight teams competed and created wonderful products. The coding competition has emerged as a new forum for networking, learning, and developing new applications and ventures.
Congratulation to our 2015 winner the Speech Holistic Intelligent Transcription team!

Winner team

“Never Done Until It’s Done”: Meet Jonathan Goodwin

Things move pretty fast in Ustream’s home city of San Francisco: not just the food or the lifestyle, but business as well.

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Ustream Account Executive Jonathan (Jon) Goodwin is used to the fast pace. He started with the company in 2013 as a sales development representative (SDR), responsible for opening up the company’s sales conversations. He notes that the closing part is a little bit more exciting, because it requires him to be more creative — plus it takes more strategy and technology with less calling.
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Behind the Scenes at Ustream San Francisco

Today’s Behind Ustream blog post comes from the famous hungarian blogger Nóra Oravecz, who is currently our guest in the Ustream San Francisco office.

You can follow her Ustream channel @ oravecznoraofficial  Thanks Nóra!

After seven working years outside of startup life, I was excited to step into a new environment: fun, colors, high level of creativity, happy people and of course, dogs.


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Your Life on Camera with Ustream

In the age of social media, we’re dying to see all your indoor and outdoor exploits. What should you do? Go to the market for a camera with built-in Wi-Fi and Ustream integration. You will find several options from low to high-end products.




‘We started the first integration project with Logitech in 2011. Since then we have worked with several companies, including Samsung, Panasonic and Chicony’ says Akos Gyimesi, Ustream’s Mobile Streaming Lead. Continue reading

Meet Ustream BI team leader who cooks up the hottest data

Balazs Szakacs is another Nomen est Omen member of Ustream. His family name is the Hungarian equivalent of the word, “cook”. So he likes preparing food and concocting the company’s important data.




He’s been working at Ustream around a year and enjoys every minute of it. He works more than before and much more willingly. ‘It was a kind of interaction from the very first moment. Ustream wanted to find someone and I wanted to move forward in my career, too’ he explains. ‘I had to take the unique opportunity to be the leader of a green field investment. The company culture was also tempting, before I was working at a Scandinavian corporate company, and an American start-up was pretty new and exciting, compared to my previous experiences. Plus, the passion and enthusiasm what I saw on the faces in Ustream during my interviews grabbed me to make the final decision.’


And he hasn’t regretted it.


He works as the manager of the Business Intelligence Team which is responsible for making trusted and quality data available for everyone. It helps Ustream to become a data-driven company. During the last year he managed to build the right team and to find the proper people. To tell the truth, it wasn’t always easy to find people who are different enough to inspire each other but still can work together. After all, he believes ‘now I have the best experts and personalities on board’.


He needs them to be successful as the hard work has just started. The next months for example will be busy with improving and automatizing the data and reporting system. It’s a very challenging task what he experienced even on his very first day at the office. ‘In the morning, when I was over the administrative stuff and got my laptop I was looking for a desk to sit, I was walking around the office with all my things, and one of colleagues stopped me. “Ah, so you are the data guy! Could you make me a report till 5 P.M., I’ll have an important meeting.” It was quite funny’ he laughs.


When he needs some time off from his data-driven job, he goes for dancing. ‘! I’ve been dancing for four years, I tried different styles but my favorite one is West Coast Swing’ he says.


Well, it seems to be another reason why he’s a fine pair with Ustream, as the company’s headquarters is on the West Coast.

Meet Ustream’s product manager who’s keen on making an impact on people’s lives

Mark Tolmacs was one of the first employees of Ustream, almost 6 years ago. He started working with the company because he believed it can be part of history. And he wasn’t mistaken.


‘Ustream was special to me from the beginning’ he starts. ‘I always wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and a company attempting live streaming sounded like an idea both bold and worthy. Today we are serving millions of streams every year and we are part of history.’ Continue reading

Enjoy 15 Minutes of Fame with PS4

So this is it. After almost a week, we can see the first numbers of PS4. Sony sold more than one million consoles within the first 24 hours. And you guys played almost the time of 23 years during the last few days.


Pretty amazing, isn’t it?


So first of all, thank you everyone for your commitment. And as Andrew House, president and group CEO for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. said on Friday “sales remain very strong in North America”, and similar enthusiasm is expected at the European and Latin American launch of PS4, we are all aware of the exponential growth in the near future. Continue reading

Meet Ustream’s core systems manager who’s responsible for annulling errors

The Latin proverb Nomen est Omen, or Name is Omen, couldn’t be truer for Zoltan Nemeth. He is known as Syntax among his friends and coworkers, clarifying that his responsibility to keep Ustream systems out of trouble, to get rid of errors.


He started to work at the company in 2009 looking for a new challenge after working as an average developer at some Hungarian net services. ‘Ustream seemed very appealing, something new with great potential’ he says. ‘I came here for a front-end engineer position, which was not exactly my area but I thought it could be a good way to get inside the company.’ Continue reading

We’re ready for you to show the world you’ve got game

Ustream and Sony are joining forces in big way, as PlayStation4 (PS4) gameplay can soon be streamed live via Ustream. The integration allows players to share their games, watch others, and further interact on the Social Stream.




“The project came to reality around the end of 2012, and all the engineers instantly fell in love with it. It’s related to gaming, it will be really big, and we are the first to do something like this. Who can ask for more?” laughs on his memories Zoltan Nemeth, Core Systems Manager. Continue reading

Meet Ustream’s product manager who is the Zen of the company

Balazs Kereskenyi started at Ustream at the company’s first big hiring wave… and he almost quitted after three months. Now, in his fourth year he doesn’t mind his decision to stay anyway.




‘It was different then’ he explains. ‘It was the time when Hungarian related startups became to rise so they hired lots of people from the industry, engineers mainly. They offered above average wages, still startup-like atmosphere, and a promise that focusing on a single product and having long term goals, allowing developers to work meeting higher quality standards.’ Continue reading

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